About the Journal

Welcome to CORALS’ Journal of Applied Research (C’JAR)!

C’JAR, the brainchild of Dr. Michelle Preiksaitis (lovingly known as Dr. P), emerges from the dynamic realm of Coastal Organizational Research and Learning Strategies LLC (CORALS LLC). Dr. P's journey assisting post-docs in transforming their research into publishable articles unveiled a glaring issue—many journals either rejected budding research or demanded exorbitant fees.

As a doctoral program director and Faculty Chair, Dr. Preiksaitis witnessed firsthand the potential of new researchers who lacked a platform to publish their work. Determined to fill this void, she created C’JAR, a haven for emerging voices. Dr. Amanda Tanner, a doctoral professor and former mentee of Michelle, joined CORALS LLC as a consultant and took on the role of associate editor and production manager for C’JAR.

Diverse Perspectives, One Journal

C'JAR's editorial executive board comprises professionals and practitioners from diverse fields—medical doctors, Baldrige process specialists, librarians, supply chain experts, IT directors, organizational learning leaders, research directors, professors, former federal agents, boat captains, business consultants, and even rocket scientists.

Our Mission

Check out our submission policies page for a detailed scope statement. Our vision for C’JAR is simple—we aim to be a journal for real people. In this space, research is crafted to be understandable and impactful for practitioners and scholars alike, enhancing work, life, or leisure in meaningful ways.

Your Feedback Matters

We eagerly welcome your thoughts on our articles, format, and processes. In 2024, stay tuned for our inaugural event—we hope to see you there! More details are coming soon