About the Journal

CORALS’ Journal of Applied Research (C’JAR) was the brainchild of Dr. Michelle Preiksaitis (fondly known as Dr. P to students and colleagues), the founder/owner of Coastal Organizational Research and Learning Strategies LLC (CORALS LLC). Dr. P’s work assisting post-docs with revising their research into publishable articles raised an issue that too many journals (a) refused to accept fledgling research or (b) charged astronomical fees. Dr. Preiksaitis has assisted hundreds of students in completing their doctoral studies, mentoring and overseeing their research, or acting as the scientific merit reviewer.

Her work as a doctoral program director and Faculty Chair for nearly five years gave her hands-on experience with new researchers, and she realized that they deserved a place to publish. After deciding to move forward with a journal, she began creating her support coalition. Dr. Amanda Tanner, a doctoral professor and one of Michelle’s former mentees, agreed to come aboard as a consultant to CORALS LLC and the Associate Editor and Production Manager of C’JAR. C'JAR's editorial executive board members represent a gamut of professionals and practitioners in many fields, including medical doctors, Baldrige process specialists, IT directors, organizational learning leaders, research directors, research professors, former federal agents, boat captains, business consultants, and rocket scientists.

Please see the submission policies page for our scope statement. Our goal is to become a journal for real people – where research can be read, understood, and used by practitioners and scholars to make work, life, or leisure better in some way. We welcome feedback about our articles, format, and process, and in 2024, we hope to see you at our first event. More on that to come.