Editorial Team

Meet the Trailblazers of C'JAR's Editorial Board!

Step into the dynamic world of C'JAR, where our Executive Editorial Board isn't just a team—it's a league of seasoned business visionaries deeply immersed in the realms of doctoral, applied, and published research.

Why them? Each member is a handpicked gem chosen for their exceptional expertise, unique qualities, and a shared commitment to serving as leaders in academia and business.

Connectivity at Its Best: These movers and shakers, hailing from diverse educational backgrounds and professional affiliations, come together annually to shape the trajectory of C'JAR. They don't just oversee; they ignite conversations, set best practices, and lend their marketing prowess to reach more researchers and readers.

Empowering Research for All: The democratization of research and learning forms the heart of our board's mission. C'JAR is not just about affordability; we are committed to making research accessible without compromising quality and integrity.


Michelle K. Preiksaitis, JD, PhD. President, Coastal Organizational Research and Learning Strategies, LLC, and Associate Professor, Business and Doctoral Studies, University of the Cumberlands.

Associate Editor & Production Manager
Amanda Tanner, DBA. Faculty, Capella University.

Editorial Executive Board, Members at Large

 Adam Hickman, PhD. VP at Partners Federal Credit Union.

Ann de Jong, MD, JD, PhD. VIP Medical Resources, and Physician.

Bridget Dewees, PhD. Doctoral Faculty, Walden University.

Bruce Chapman, PhD. Research Director, Capella University.

Derrick Walters, EdD, PMP, ATP, ITIL4, CSSBB. Benedictine University.

Gregory Spray, PhD., Michigan State University

John O'Rourke, Managing Partner, Veros Global Solutions LLC

Kayla Page, EdD, Senior Librarian, Cape Fear Community College

Kristy Rae Stewart, DBA, MS Eng. Director of IT, The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Laura A. Galdamez,  MD, FAWM, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands

Mary Elizabeth Hanley, DO, FUHM, CWSP, FAPWCA. Roper St. Francis Hospital.

Pamelyn Witteman, PhD. Capella University.

Raymond V. Preiksaitis, MBA, U.S.C.G. Licensed Master Captain.

Renee Pizarro, DBA. Clean Canvas Consulting.

Sean Robinson, MS, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Sherri Johnston, DBA. Amazon Web Services, Logistics Global Process Operations.

Todd Wilson, Ph.D. VP of Medical Education and Training, Catalyst OrthoScience.

Double-Blind Peer Review requires that peer reviewers are not listed on our website. Board Members do not handle peer reviews.