Leading From Behind the Screen: Business Leaders Adapting to Virtual Performance Management





Distributed work, team cohesion, transformational leadership, virtual performance management


Leaders of financial organizations do not have sufficient competencies to lead virtual employees, which contributes to lower engagement and retention rates. This qualitative inquiry technique study explored eight financial leaders’ perspectives on the competencies required to effectively lead and engage a virtual team. Six themes emerged from the data: The importance of consistent, frequent communication to support engagement and collaboration in a virtual environment, the importance of leaders managing performance by holding employees accountable to achieve expectations while providing role clarity, clear priorities, and ensuring productivity, the importance of leaders getting to know their employees both personally and professionally, their goals and motivations, and encouraging and empowering employees to make decisions while providing development opportunities, the importance of having competence using technology effectively to communicate, enhance employee engagement, and be available to employees, the importance of leaders embracing new ways of work, changing technology, and different team dynamics while understanding and respecting work-life balance, and the importance of leaders recognizing the value each employee brings. Virtual leaders must adapt and improve their skills and methods in a remote setting to promote the success of their employees and achieve results.


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Author Biographies

Dr. Sara Ashwood

Dr. Sara Ashwood (Primary), DBA, CHRL, has worked in human resources in multiple industries over the past 20 years. Sara is currently a professor at Georgian College School of Business & Management in Ontario, Canada. Working with students is a passion for Sara, as she strives to inspire and promote thoughtful leaders while developing the confidence and skill needed to enact change and achieve their full potential. She also actively volunteers on the Board of Directors for Victim Services within her community. Ontario, Canada. sara_ashwood@hotmail.com 

Dr. Amanda Tanner, CORALS LLC

Amanda Tanner (Secondary), DBA, is a business consultant and a lifelong educator with an innate curiosity toward all trending technological gadgets. Her motto is “TEEching you to work smarter, not harder, since 1994”. A former business owner and retired vocational education teacher, Dr. Tanner is currently a professor at online universities, teaching business, information technology, and leadership courses at the master and doctoral levels to students worldwide. A SME and content developer for education and business, she enjoys creating and streamlining content and deliverables that meet the customer’s needs. She is a consultant for CORALS LLC and for the peer-reviewed scholarly journal C’JAR, as Associate Editor and Production Manager. Michigan. coralsjar@gmail.com


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05/17/2023 — Updated on 09/20/2023


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Ashwood, S., & Tanner, A. (2023). Leading From Behind the Screen: Business Leaders Adapting to Virtual Performance Management. CORALS’ Journal of Applied Research, 1(2), 24. https://doi.org/10.58593/cjar.v1i2.20 (Original work published May 17, 2023)